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Chapter 1 Introduction

System Requirements

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UnionWay AsianSuite is the first multi-lingual software to support Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) in their native code page or Unicode at same time for Microsoft Windows 95/NT or Windows 3.x. Here are some premier features:

  • Runs on any version of Windows 95/NT or Windows 3.x. Supports multiple language simultaneously such as the Chinese system (Big5, GB and HZ Code), the Japanese system (Shift-JIS, JIS and EUC Code), the Korean system (KSC code) and Unicode System.
  • Supports thousands of English applications including Microsoft Office, Publisher and WinFaxPro.
  • Fully supports Internet and E-mail system including Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Supports PageMaker, PhotoShop and CorelDraw 5’s Rotate, Fit Text to Path and other similar functions to use CJK characters.
  • Fast CJK text display mode.
  • New Chinese input method engine supports ZhuYin, PinYin, English-Chinese, CangJie, Cantonese, Simple-Stroke, Internal Code, Symbol and user defined Chinese IME.
  • High quality Roma-Kanji and Kana-Kanji input methods (Japanese FEP).
  • Advanced Hangul and Hanja Korean input methods.
  • Double byte enabled Edit Controls to handle CJK word break and allow to change Edit Control's default font.
  • Supports all the Windows display cards such as VGA, Super VGA, XGA, etc., and also supports all the Windows printer Drivers such as Ink Jet, Laser, PostScript, etc.
  • Provides over 100 high quality CJK true type fonts and CJK true type vertical fonts.
  • Dynamically adjusts width of space character for Chinese and Japanese fonts.
  • Provides the conversion of CJK true type fonts to single byte true type fonts.
  • Supports Mapping English fonts to the DBCS fonts.


System Requirements

  • 100% IBM compatible 386 or higher PC
  • Any version of Windows 95/NT or Windows 3.x
  • 4MB RAM minimum and 8MB or above are recommended
  • VGA or higher monitor
  • At least 6 MB of hard drive free space (larger space is required for installing additional CJK true type fonts)
AsianSuite 97 is for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 / 98 users only. If using Windows 2000 / XP / NT / Me, please use AsianSuite 2000. AsianSuite 2000 also works for Windows 95 / 98 but not for Windows 3.x
Chapter 1 Introduction