Multi-Lingual Software for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
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AsianSuite X2 works for Windows 2000 / XP / NT / Me / 98 /95 and includes AsianSuite 2000 with more fonts (8 high quality Unicode true type fonts per language) and more utility programs. The Chinese part supports new feature called auto Big 5 / GB to allow user read traditional Chinese web site or e-mail in simplified Chinese font or reverse. The Korean fonts support KSC code hangual characters as well as Unicode hangual characters. Another advantage of AsianSuite X2 is you can install any part of software from our server any time any where when your computer has Internet connection. We provide discount for AsianSuite 2000 / 97 users when upgrade to AsianSuite X2.
User's Guide
Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Basic Skills

Chapter 3 Using AsianSuite X2

Chapter 4 Chinese Input Methods

Chapter 5 Japanese Input Methods

Chapter 6 Korean Input Methods

Chapter 7 Font Maker

Chapter 8 Code Converter