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AsianSuite X2 works for Windows 2000 / XP / NT / Me / 98 /95 and includes AsianSuite 2000 with more fonts (8 high quality Unicode true type fonts per language) and more utility programs. The Chinese part supports new feature called auto Big 5 / GB to allow user read traditional Chinese web site or e-mail in simplified Chinese font or reverse. The Korean fonts support KSC code hangual characters as well as Unicode hangual characters. Another advantage of AsianSuite X2 is you can install any part of software from our server any time any where when your computer has Internet connection. We provide discount for AsianSuite 2000 / 97 users when upgrade to AsianSuite X2.
Chapter 2 Basic Skills

Installing UnionWay System

Before installing the UnionWay system, please make sure that there are enough free space in your hard drive. Different version of UnionWay system has different requirement for hard drive space. Please be reminded that the space available indicated would not be accurate once you have used the Stacker or Double Space utility program, this is especially important for those who are installing additional UnionWay true type fonts.

Installing AsianSuite X2

Use the INSTALL program to install all the system files and font(s) to your computer.

For CD Version:

Place the AsianSuite X2 disc in the CD-ROM drive running under Windows system.


  • Use the File menu of Program Manager (Windows 3.x) or Start button (Windows 95/98//Me/2000/XP or Windows NT 4.0) to run INSTALL.EXE file, located in the directory of the CD-ROM drive (e.g. D:INSTALL).
  • The Installation Center dialog box appears.  Type your product ID number (listed at the lower right corner of the CD sleeve) into the ID number columns and select the Next button to install all the files.

image1.jpg (39477 bytes)

After input the ID number The installation program will automatically show the packages you had purchased.

image2.jpg (68676 bytes)

If you do not want to install any packages, just use the mouse to remove the mark "ü" from  that language box. Click the Next button, then prompt the next dialog box:

wpeA.jpg (26440 bytes)

The installation program will create the UnionWay Group to place the AsianSuite X2 icon into it, press the Next button, you could get the successful message.

 image4.jpg (59584 bytes)


  • If you wish to UN-INSTALL the AsianSuite X2 system, just go to the Start menu, Programs, Unionway folder use the uninstall program.  (Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP)  
  • If you bought the UnionWay true type font(s) too, the installation steps are the same as above.

Starting UnionWay System image6.jpg (7116 bytes)

In Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT:

Start Windows95/98, click Start button, select Program, select UnionWay group, then select AsianSuite X2 icon to start UnionWay system. Once it is started, you will see the system tool bar as shown on the task bar:

image7.jpg (10764 bytes)

Exiting UnionWay System

To exit the UnionWay system, click on exit  with the left mouse button will bring up the Exit dialog box as shown:

image8.jpg (27877 bytes)

Click OK button and you will exit UnionWay system. The E-mail address of technical support "" and the Web Site address "" are both provided in this same dialog box.